Why have two of Australia’s leading strategists joined forces with Supercurious?

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    Paul and Nick - Superunknown

Nick Davis and Paul Hoskins are two of Australia’s leading strategists. And now they’ve joined forces with Supercurious to help take us into a new era.

Together they worked at Interbrand where they created the ahm brand and worked across several  bluechip accounts including AGL, REA Group, World Vision, AFL, Telstra, Foxtel, Museums Victoria and the Sydney Opera House. Nick subsequently ran Landor in Melbourne where he was responsible for the rebranding of the Australian Open and Paul was headhunted to run Etsy in Australia. Eventually they formed a co-design consultancy, Everyhow, that has helped some of Australia’s biggest organisations make breakthroughs on their business strategies, brand strategies and customer experiences.

We first worked with them around five years ago, to discuss the future for our own agency brand. And something just clicked. Since then, they’ve been working in the background offering guidance and provocation in the role of board advisors and strategists. When the idea of Supercurious was first bounced around, they were infected by the same spark of excitement that we were. And now they’re joining forces with Supercurious as partners, as well as launching a sister venture: Superunknown. Here’s what they had to say about joining the team.

“We’re proud to be partners in this venture and super-excited for everything that comes next. The Supercurious proposition is one that we’ve helped shape and are excited to carry forward. It comes from the thought that creative thinking doesn’t emerge out of nothingness: it has to be stimulated and provoked into play. And we believe that curiosity is far and away the most essential stimulant for creativity. Especially if we’re talking about the kind of creativity that challenges existing paradigms and prompts better thinking about possibilities.

“Within Supercurious, curiosity is a collective mindset. It informs a unique approach for running projects, working with clients, solving big problems and exploring new opportunities. The notion of new opportunities is a good segue for us to mention Superunknown. This will be a dedicated innovation practice and a sister business to Supercurious. We’ve been thinking about this for a while having spent the last few years building and trialling an innovation toolkit. We can’t wait to work with Jamie and co to put  it into practice.

“The Supercurious leadership team have that rare combination of vision and an ability to make it happen. In us, we think they saw people who can bring a new level of strategic thinking to the agency’s work. In them, we saw people who can help make our ambitions to make a dent in the universe a reality. Here we go!”