How might we inspire Love in London?

 / Jamie Wilson

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In the current economic climate, brands are looking for new and innovative ways to find growth pathways. So, when we were invited to help one of London’s leading investment firms reinvent their brand, and position for future growth, we couldn’t wait to dive right in.

To create growth, brands need to capture the hearts and minds of consumers by creating an emotional connection with their consumers. We believe the best way to achieve that is through the power of curiosity and creativity. Our Global Chair Kevin Roberts led an immersive two-day exploration session using his ground-breaking methodology Lovemarks: The Future Beyond Brands. This methodology helps businesses and brands stand out, create strong emotional connection with consumers, build loyalty, and generate premium returns.

So how do you create a Lovemark?

Lovemarks is based on the following principles:

A brand must share great stories: past, present and future; taps into dreams, myths and icons; and inspiration.

In today’s world, brands must embrace sound, motion, sight, smell, touch, and taste.

Brands need to demonstrate commitment, empathy, and passion.


The Supercurious team is currently building an exciting new brand platform for our London client, with an October launch.